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If you haven't realized this, Roblox is actually a cross-platform game. You can play the game on your PC by downloading and installing the game's mini-client, Roblox Player (or the Roblox browser) or on your XBox One console. You could also enjoy the game on your mobile devices, be it an Android, an iOS or even a Kindle Fire device. If you've been swept up by the virtual reality hype... well, you can play the game on the Oculus Rift too. Just take your pick!

However, if you plan on doing some "heavy lifting" a.k.a. building your own virtual worlds or game, you will need to install another mini-client called "Roblox Studio" before you can get started. The tools and options you can access in these two mini-clients are very different and that's why you'll need to have 2 separate clients installed. That said, if you only plan on playing the many games on Roblox, having the Roblox Player should be sufficient.

When it comes to games, the more platforms it is available on; the more accessible it is to the general gaming population. However, due to the large differences between different gaming platforms, some compromises are necessary to make things work. Thus, you can definitely expect some differences when it comes to playing Roblox on your PC and on your tablet or smartphone.

For starters, the controls will be different and so will the positions of various tools and options. It might take awhile to get used to the new interface and controls, but once you get through the learning process, you will be able to play Roblox whenever and wherever you want! Roblox Game Genres Roblox can be played on your PC, console, mobile devices and even in virtual reality.

In terms of consoles, Roblox is also available for Xbox One players who like using controllers instead of the keyboard and mouse. If you're a Playstation or Wii user instead, don't get all upset just yet! Although there is nothing solid, it is very likely that the development team behind Roblox will eventually port the game over to the PS4 and even Wii.

For those of you who love playing games in virtual reality, you'll be glad to know that Roblox is also available on the Oculus Rift. All you need to do is to open the Oculus App on your PC, check "Allow Unknown Sources" from the settings, and start your Roblox Player as usual. The Player should automatically detect your Rift device and adopt a square screen as opposed to the default "best fit" option.

Nonetheless, it's still a huge pity that players aren't and will not be able to play Roblox on any web browser they happen to have installed on their PC. This is mainly due to the fact that Roblox is actually quite complex. It is literally impossible for a simply browser to run any game in Roblox and hence, the need for a special Roblox browser, the Roblox Player. There are also other safety features embedded within the Roblox browser that help improve the quality of play for every player in the game.

It does make it incredibly difficult for players who are using Chromebooks unless they go through a tough and complicated process of installing Linux on their machine and then getting the WINE app just so they could install and run Roblox. Regardless, this doesn't really dispel many players' dream that they could simply load up Roblox on whatever internet browser they have one day and hop right into a game.

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