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Mining Tycoon

Developed by Defaultio

Game Features

Game Genre - All
Created on October 22, 2008
Played 4,532,366 times.
Favored by 94,630 players.
Thumbs up by 7,266 players.
Thumbs down by 3,949 players.

Official Description

Here's what you should know about the game:
-Use the tool to click on the buttons.
-Use the tool to move the ore.
-Use your truck to move the ore.
-Use your refinery tycoon to refine and increase the value of the ore.
-You do not have to go to the refinery when you have not bought anything there yet because it will do nothing to the value of the ore.
-Use the factory to sell the ore.
-The minecart's intended purpose is to be used to get to the back of your tunnel when it gets too long to walk, so you can hold on buying that until you have a long tunnel. It's fun to drive around though.
-With wise spending, you could probably beat the entire game in only about an hour and a half.
-When another player is closer to your ore than you are, your ore tends to freeze. This means it goes through your truck or lift, so stay at your lift while it's lifting and don't let others hit your truck with ore in it while left unattended.
-Ore is local, which means it is handled by your computer.
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