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Assassin! [Holiday]

Developed by prisman

Game Features

Game Genre - Adventure
Created on March 9, 2016
Played 39,894,333 times.
Favored by 209,280 players.
Thumbs up by 66,990 players.
Thumbs down by 8,992 players.

Game Review

If knifing virtual people is your kind of game, then Assassin! might just be the game for you.

Unlike Murder Mystery 2 where only 1 out of the other players will be given a knife, in this game everyone has a knife that they can use to either stab or throw... like a shuriken. So, basically, there'll be a ton of killing going on and the last player standing will win the round.

How does the game works then? Well, Assassin! is not an arena-based game where players mindlessly murder other players nor is it a game that banks on subtly killing off other players. Instead, each match will start off with a "bounty" (a randomly chosen player) that other players should hunt for. The bounty will have both his name and appearance displayed on the top-mid part of the screen.

Before the bounty is killed, players shouldn't be able to murder anyone else. However, once the bounty has been dealt with, it's open season for all. If you play as the bounty though, it's your job to stay alive as long as you can while killing off the other players.

Like most games on Roblox, Assassin! has plenty of maps to offer. Players will be able to vote for the map they want to play in during the intermission period in between matches. 3 options will be provided and the map with the highest vote will be used.

Being a knife-based game, there are ton of weapons that you can buy from the in-game shop which admittedly can be rather overpowered, along with other stuff like mystery cases, cool effects, and a radio that you can carry around. You can also buy a VIP membership to gain access to a variety of perks. Best yet, you could also craft your own weapons as long as you have the weapon's blueprint.

Assassin! is generally a knife-fighting game with a "Last man standing" game mode, and if you're into these types of games, you'll definitely enjoy playing Assassin! However, be warned that the default weapon you get is pretty much useless against the much powerful knives other players have. So, unless you are willing to shell out some Robux to buy special knives, you can expect to die, a lot, in this game.

Official Description

Vote Assassin for the best Free-for-all Multiplayer Game Bloxy Award!

At the beginning of the round you will be assigned a target. Hunt them down to gain their target—will you be the last standing? Collect dozens of knife skins and earn your reputation as an Assassin!

Twitter: @prismanrbx
Community group:

[Scripting help] Plutonem
[Building] Oloff, SirDoomKnight, Skeledonut, strasta, DoctorDecker
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