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Developed by alexnewtron
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Game Features

Game Genre - Town and City
Created on February 26, 2016
Played 125,813,480 times.
Favored by 516,663 players.
Thumbs up by 144,927 players.
Thumbs down by 16,114 players.

Game Review

Looking for a game where you can meet new friends and hang out with them? There isn't a better game than MeepCity – Roblox's very own social virtual world game!

Rated 15 years old and above, MeepCity is a pretty awesome place to chat with people, explore and simply have fun! There are plenty of places for you to visit in this game. Starting from the Playground where you'll spawn in, you can head over to the town which houses the school, café, and Star Ball mini-game; and the plaza where the pizza and ice cream shops, the hospital and the new mini-game that's currently under construction, mini-golf, are located in.

Many of these places are there simply for role-playing purposes. For instance, at the hospital, you can dress up as a doctor, a patient or a surgeon and role play with your friends. There are plenty of interactive objects you can use in this place, including a wheelchair as well as working X-ray machines and heartbeat monitors. In this respect, the school in MeepCity might be a tad bit small though – it only has 1 classroom!

The Playground, on the other hand, is the central hub of activity in MeepCity. Most players can be found here chatting and sometimes fishing. Fishing is a crucial part of the game mainly because it is the main source of income. If you fancy buying yourself a Meep pet or any new stuff, you'll need to quickly good at fishing. The fishing minigame isn't too hard to grasp though. All you need to do is to cast your hook at the moving pools of bubbling water where the fishes reside. You'll need to aim correctly and choose the correct strength so you won't miss the pool.

However, before you could even start fishing, you'll need a rod first. You can buy one once you have enough cash at the pet shop. Players will start off with 100 MeepCash but as you remained logged into the game, you'll earn 50 more every once in awhile. With 150 MeepCash at hand, you can then buy your first fishing rod. Make sure that the rod is the very first thing you buy in the game or you'll find it tedious to earn cash in MeepCity. After your fish bucket is full, you can then head back to the pet shop to sell them all for cash.

Aside from fishing and collecting cash by being online, you can also earn a bit more MeepCash by playing mini-games. MeepCity only features 1 mini-game, Star Ball, at the moment and that game requires you to first own a Meep pet, which will cost you 500 MeepCash. Thus, like I've said, get that fishing rod as soon as you can!

Earning money isn't too difficult in this game though it does require you to spend hours fishing. However, once you have plenty of cash to spare, you might want to consider giving your estate in the Neighborhood district a nice makeover. Yes... you actually are GIVEN a home in the game for free! You can decorate both the interior and exterior parts of your house, grow flowers in pots and flower boxes or even change your home's blueprint so you can have more space to put your stuff. Personally, I think the controls and design of the house editor is very well-done. It's very easy for you to set up the ideal home of your imagination. You can even invite your new friends over for a party once you've done with the décor!

Love playing the game very much? Well, you can grab the starter pack so you could have a nice head start or you could also sign up as a PLUS member. By getting the membership, you'll then have access to PLUS-exclusive items and features, a PLUS nametag and also earn 1.5x more coins per fish sale.

Considering how fun MeepCity is, it is no surprise that the game was nominated as one of the best breakout games of 2016 in Roblox. So, grab this opportunity to try the game out! Want to try out other games that are similar to MeepCity? Take a look at this Best Roblox Town and City Games list that we've compiled.

Official Description

The game that's Powering Imagination™ Please favorite and thumbs up the game if you like it! Follow me on twitter for news and updates about MeepCity www.twitter.com/alexnewtron

Meep City Staff -
@alexnewtron - Director and Programmer
@TrainedDoorman - Creative Director
@Celestaphone - Music Composer
@HolidayPwner - Builder
@KrixYaz - Furniture Builder
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