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Phantom Forces

Developed by StyLiS Studios
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Game Features

Game Genre - FPS
Created on September 1, 2015
Played 119,912,796 times.
Favored by 609,243 players.
Thumbs up by 268,146 players.
Thumbs down by 19,642 players.

Game Review

If you're a huge fan of MMO shooters, you'll definitely want to try out Roblox's most popular MMOFPS game, Phantom Forces!

There are 4 different classes of soldiers you can play as in this game. They include Assault, Scout, Support and Recon. Each class will have a different set of primary weapons, though every player will have a secondary weapon, a grenade (only 1 type) and a knife. There are tons of guns you can unlock simply by ranking up or by reaching a certain objective such as killing an X number of enemies. These guns can also be customized by adding primary attachments, like optics (scopes), modifying barrels, under barrels and laser sights, as well as by using weapon skins.

Ready to see some action? Well, Phantom Forces is a game that's incredibly easy to hop in and play. There isn't a server list for you to choose a match to join. Instead, you only get to join the match you are given... possibly due to the game's need to group up all players of the same region (and hence, ping) together to ensure fairer play.

Each match will feature a map and a game mode, and trust me when I say there are tons of these in the game. Maps can range from urban locations like the Highway Lot to Counter Strike-like maps such as the Desert Storm, while game modes include stuff like King of the Hill where the team that captured the "Hill" for the longest period will win; or Team Deathmatch (TDM) in which the team with the most kills will win.

One very interesting feature in Phantom Forces is the ability to spawn at a friendly's location. This can be done via the Squad Deploy mode, provided that the player in question doesn't disable this feature from his end. This actually increases the challenge of the game since that enemy you have cornered may suddenly gain an ally within the few seconds it took you to aim your weapon.

Of course, you could also choose the normal Deploy mode where you'll be randomly spawned instead. This might be a bit detrimental to you because an enemy could spawn right behind you with you being none the wiser. Thankfully, there is no friendly fire in this game, so it's all right for you to be trigger-happy at the slightest sound.

Phantom Forces offers some cosmetics such as camos and skins that you can buy via the in-game shop as well. Most of the items come in the form of cases that you'll need to buy case keys to unlock. Game currency can, in turn, be earned by playing matches. You could even try trading in stuff that you don't want or need for something else.

In terms of graphics and sound, Phantom Forces managed to deliver excellently. It is actually important for you to keep an eye and ear out for muzzle flashes and the rat-a-tat-tat sound of a gun firing nearby to survive.

All in all, Phantom Forces is the sort of game that can offer you the action and exhilaration that Counter Strike is able to, but the best thing about this game is that you can play it on your favorite game, Roblox. Try it now and show all these other newbies what it means to be a pro shooter!

Official Description

[Patch 1.0.22]
- Added ability to disable first person camo textures to reduce lag when playing with skins on. Others will still be able to see your gun skins normally and brickcolors are unaffected.
- Added new search/sort feature to inventory system
- Items in the inventory now stack if they are duplicates of the same thing to reduce clutter
- Name tags should now be fixed

Find out more about detailed changes in our PF Wikia change log page!

NOTE: The game is still in a very buggy state. We are working on patching these as soon as possible, please bear with us.

Purchasing some case/key sometimes gives you space keys/case instead while taking your credits??
Still trying to figure this bug out.
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