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Movie Maker 2 3D!

Developed by bonic10

Game Features

Game Genre - Building
Created on April 9, 2010
Played 1,250,172 times.
Favored by 34,151 players.
Thumbs up by 3,742 players.
Thumbs down by 788 players.

Official Description

The original, Movie Maker! Make an actual movie on ROBLOX!

I'm working on an update, everything will be fixed and updated. Should be out around summer 2016!

Note - Use the M Maker tool to make your movie.

"WHEN LOADING:" Make sure you hit load BEFORE you create your movie.

Chat name/namehere to name your movie. Chat fix or reset your character if something glitches.

Admin List: kirby8852, zanfran, Lightning_Splash, Bl00dless09, Isuna, IjustPOOPEDmyself1, InfamousGuardian
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