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Developed by Dued1
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Game Features

Game Genre - Town and City
Created on March 30, 2008
Played 211,771,166 times.
Favored by 1,031,717 players.
Thumbs up by 260,031 players.
Thumbs down by 17,472 players.

Game Review

Have you heard of the saying "everyone should work in retail at least once in their lifetime"? According to the people who propagate that saying, working in retail can be tough, but it teaches a person how to be more tolerant and patient towards nasty customers, how to persevere despite doing stuff that can be repetitive and boring, and of course, how to be efficient in his/her work.

If you have never had an opportunity to work retail, Work at a Pizza Place might just be able to help. In this game, you can choose to work as a cashier, cook, delivery boy (or girl), pizza boxer (someone who put pizzas into boxes) and supplier... or you could try your hand at becoming the manager.

Working as any of the lower tier jobs can be pretty straightforward. For instance, as a cashier, your job is to treat your customers right (by not being rude) and making sure you get their orders down correctly, while as a cook, your job is to make sure all the orders are being met by making the correct types of pizza.

This game also has a logistics aspect which I personally find interesting. The materials, such as tomato sauce, dough, pepperonis, etc, are in limited supply at the store. The supplier is then expected to produce these materials at the warehouse/factory, load them up on a truck, drive to the loading bay at the store and put them on the conveyer belt which will deliver the goods to the kitchen.

However, if any one of these materials run out and that there's no supplier in the game, the whole chain of production will break down. The same goes if there aren't anyone at the counter or in the kitchen. This means that some players may have to pick up the slack of other employees just to ensure that everything's moving smoothly. For example, even if you enjoy being the cook, but if the cashier skipped out on work, you might need to take over the counter and let the other cooks prepare the pizza.

For the pizza shop to be running smoothly though, every player will need to work for the good of the team... and this is where the manager comes in. The manager at the store should be supervising the employees there, making sure everyone's doing their duties properly and if needed, take over a certain job when there isn't anyone around. Managers can also "force" slacking employees to get back to work. Usually, this works for maybe a few seconds before the said employee will slack off again.

The manager can reward employees who did exceptionally well too. There are 2 forms of reward – be appointed as the Employee of the Day or be given a nice pay bonus. Bonuses can be given out every 10 mins, while a new "Employee of the Day" can be appointed every 15 minutes. Do note that some managers only promote their close friends though, so unless you have an impartial manager in the house, you might not be properly rewarded for all the hard work you've done.

Thankfully, you don't need to rely on your manager to earn money in this game. Like in real life, you'll earn cash for the work you've put in. You can then spend these cash in the in-game store by browsing the catalog. There are many items you can purchase, ranging from cool costumes to beautiful furniture for your home in the game. However, better items can be rather expensive, requiring you to put in hours of your precious time working in a virtual pizza place.

Despite some pretty frustrating glitches and game designs, Work at a Pizza Place is a surprisingly satisfying game to play, especially when everything is working smoothly like a well-oiled machine. However, do expect some trolls from now and then who will intentionally mess up the whole chain of production.

Official Description

Work together with your friends at a pizza place! Be a cook, manager, delivery person, cashier, and more! Use the money you earn to buy furniture for your house!

What's New?
* Pets are now 10,000 moneyz instead of 20,000 and 75 Robux instead of 95 Robux.
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