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Survive The Disasters

Developed by VyrissTheVixen

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Game Genre - All
Created on November 27, 2009
Played 93,684,535 times.
Favored by 854,655 players.
Thumbs up by 120,116 players.
Thumbs down by 9,182 players.

Game Review

If you love playing Natural Disaster Survival, but you'd prefer something with a whole lot more flair, Survive the Disasters might be a suitable game for you.

Designed to be funny until you realized that almost everything is out to kill you, the game provides tons of "disasters" for you to survive through. Granted that some of these so-called disasters, such as alien invasions, oil spills and flash floods, can be considered as pretty common, it is the crazy disasters (the crazier, the better) that made the game so famous among Roblox players.

On contrary to Natural Disaster Survival's realism (somewhat), Survive the Disasters simply discards any notion of realism and presents you with some really whacky disasters, where it sics popular memes, murderous Roblox guests, the psycho version of Spongebob and his Bikini Bottom friends, soccer balls, and even giant noobs against you. After all, who doesn't fancy getting killed by Nyan Cat's rainbow tail or Shoop da whoop's sonic waves? Due to the more amusing nature of the game, even if you die, you'll still have plenty of fun!

Not to mention, the world you'll be trying to survive in is also designed to be almost as haphazardly as its disasters. Most of the maps in this game will contain an in-game shop (that looks more like a platform) as well as several destroyable structures, including a house of sorts. There are some rather powerful perks that you can buy at the in-game shop using Robux. However, if you don't want to spend Robux, there are also tons of stuff (weapons and tools mainly) that you can buy.

These items can be purchased based on your total points earned. You'll earn some points for every disaster you survived and these points are accumulative. Naturally, if a disaster has fewer survivors, these survivors will earn a bit more points. However, do take note that your points are not consumed when you buy anything at the game shop.

Due to this, I suppose you can consider these points as a special form of a "high score" – once you reach a new "high score" threshold, you'll gain access to a new type of equipment. You can also grab as many equipment as you like from the game shop as long as you've fulfilled the respective points requirement of the items, but if you ask me, I think you can survive quite a lot of disasters simply by using the gravity and the speed coils.

Similar to Natural Disaster Survival, the game is round-based. Once you've joined a game, you'll be dumped into a randomly chosen map with other players. You'll then have a 1-minute intermission period where you can scout out the map to find nice hiding spots, high grounds and shelters. This is pretty important because once the series of disasters starts, you'll only have a few seconds in between disasters to decide which presumably safe locations you'll want to head to next. There are perhaps 4 to 5 disasters per round, with each disaster lasting around 30 seconds or so.

Dying in Survive the Disasters is more fun than in Natural Disaster Survival mainly because you'll be respawned after awhile and be able to have fun running, once again, from the disaster that has just killed you. However, since you've died, you will not earn any points even if you survived the disaster on your second attempt.

Although the disaster-survival premise of the game isn't exactly novel, Survive the Disasters is able to give its players a good laugh with its plethora of absolutely whacky "disasters" and somewhat frantic gameplay. There are plenty of equipment you can buy based on the total points you've earned to help you better survive the subsequent rounds too. So, if you don't really care about having to survive real-like disasters and are simply looking for a good time playing a disaster-survival game, then Survive the Disasters is definitely a game you should try. You'll love it!

Official Description

?????? 12/21/2016
- Changed Plane Crash to Bullet Bill

?????? 7/29/2016
- Fixed Bomber disaster

?????? 7/23/2016
- Fixed Cake and Slenderman disaster

?????? 7/20/2016
- Fixed leaderboard not updating when collecting points
- Changed how Epic Sauce works (Nerfed)
- Fixed exploit where player can still have Coil effects when dropping and picking it back up

?????? 7/16/2016
- Player Points are given based on points you earn
- Touching the ceiling no longer kills. Instead, you are warped back in the box
- Picnic map ~2013 added back in
- No gear duplicates when owning multiple gamepasses
- Some disasters deleted/added
- Gear/Disaster balances
- New gears

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