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Developed by Vurse
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Game Features

Game Genre - Adventure
Created on October 20, 2014
Played 103,272,152 times.
Favored by 350,342 players.
Thumbs up by 102,615 players.
Thumbs down by 26,657 players.

Game Review

Put your reflexes to the test in this exhilarating, and sometimes, frustrating runner game, Speed Run 4! Featuring 28 unique levels (but it has 31 levels in total), you'll get to enjoy a whole new set of challenges to conquer and cards to collect.

To start, each player will be dropped at level -1. Here, you can decide to change up your gameplay with either an 8-bit level pack game pass (go through the green arch) or a Mario level pack game pass (go through the red arch). These game passes can be bought using Robux. Don't have the Robux to spend? Don't worry! You can still have tons of fun simply by playing as yourself in this game.

Now, when it comes to the gameplay of Speed Run 4, the "speed" part, I daresay, is very real. Granted that you don't really need to speed through every level if you find it hard. You can still take it slow and give yourself a breather in between jumps. There are times where speed is crucial for you to gain enough momentum to make a difficult jump, but what I'm saying is speed is no longer important if you kept dying and repeating the same stage over and over again, right?

However, note that taking things slow will hurt your overall time – how much time you need to complete all levels in Speed Run 4 and not how fast you complete a single level. This time isn't vital per se since a lot of players aren't even able to complete the game by reaching the final stage, but if you somehow made it to the very end, the time will, in some way, determine your rank among the successful runners in Speed Run 4.

Considering the amped-up speed you'll be running at, you'll need to know where (which platform specifically) you want to head to almost reflexively and that can be pretty challenging. Not to mention, how far you jump (For example, not too near the edge or you might miss the platform entirely) or which part of the platform you jump to, especially for sloped platforms (the lower end) can also determine whether you can make it or not. Interestingly, if you reacted fast enough, you can even switch directions midair or give yourself an extra boost.

Deaths are usually not a big deal in this game since it doesn't really track how many times you've died in your attempt. However, each death will take a small chunk of your overall time because you usually don't get to respawn immediately. Having trouble with a particular stage? Well, you can easily skip a level simply by paying Robux.

As you run, you may also encounter cards that you can run through to collect as well. These cards are mainly collectibles and don't provide you with any power-ups or bonuses aside from some bragging rights. However, I've noticed that in certain stages, the cards aren't collected no matter how many times I ran through them. The glitch is a bit disappointing, especially for perfectionists who enjoy collecting every badge and collectible a game has to offer.

Although Speed Run 4 has plenty of levels, many of these levels have very unique themes, so at least you wouldn't feel bored after running through challenges after challenges. Some stages even have interesting "side locations" that you can jump to and explore, but of course, you may want to find a way back to the main running path too. Aside from the game environments, the techno music played in each stage differs according to the theme.

So, if you think you have the best reflexes or if you simply would an adrenaline-induced thrill, you might want to head over to Speed Run 4 and give it a test-run.

Official Description

Follow me (Vurse) on Twitter! https://twitter.com/actually_tim

Join in the fast pace fun with the arrival of the fourth installment of the Speed Run series! With 28 new unique levels and many more to come daily, the thrill of Speed Run is greater than ever! Speed Run 4 gives players stage-specific soundtracks for the highest intensity experience and gameplay, not to mention the epic animations~!
If you enjoy the game, don't forget to leave a thumbs up and a comment, feel free to give criticism and advice, we appreciate it.

Join Vurse's development team! https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=1234705

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