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Base Wars! Snow Map!

Developed by D8Dev
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Game Features

Game Genre - Military
Created on November 17, 2009
Played 46,552,386 times.
Favored by 369,986 players.
Thumbs up by 39,568 players.
Thumbs down by 9,492 players.

Official Description

This is a Shooter game in Team-Based Open Battle Style with various types of Infantry Weapons and Vehicle.

Both First-Person mode and Roblox Classic Third-Person mode is supported. I hope you can find your own playstyle and have fun here! Thanks.

►Important Notes
Recent update v20.3.4 @ 14th December 2016
Game Option -> Patch Notes for detailed patch note.
You need Graphic Setting of 7 bars to view the whole map.
Regular Update Time:
2:00 Pacific - 8:00 Pacific
The game will shutdown when there are updates. Stay calm.
The game is for PC only.

►Internet Requirements
● Atleast 8mbps to play on low quality.

►Social Group, Bug Reports, and Feedback:

►Full Game Rules

►How to get strongest weapons for free

►Credit (In alphabetical order):
Lead-Developers: D8Dev
Advisor: 885sdwsdw, D512634
Scripting: AxisZ, D8Dev, LeCookieYT, ScripterJohn13
Model Developers: AlienXerxes, Cephro, God_Sloth, VotexAbrams,JimmyLJX, JimmyTheDemon
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