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Prison Life v2.0

Developed by Aesthetical
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Game Features

Game Genre - Town and City
Created on May 1, 2014
Played 216,989,683 times.
Favored by 677,059 players.
Thumbs up by 199,476 players.
Thumbs down by 27,174 players.

Game Review

Ever wondered what's life in prison is like without actually landing yourself a cell in a prison? Well, Prison Life V2.0 is a role-playing game that allows you to explore just that!

The game starts off by letting you choose with role you'd like to play as – the guards who will have tasers and guns or the prisoners. Of course, most players will pick guards since they are usually the "bullies" in the game, but if you truly want to play something challenging, you should try playing as a prisoner and attempt to escape from prison.

Life in Prison Life V2.0 is very rigid. There's a schedule to follow and if not, you might just get tased by a guard. Of course, as mentioned, most guards seem to be quite sadistic in the sense that they will kill prisoners who is just sitting there having their lunches in peace. Sometimes, these skirmishes ended up into a fight fest where prisoners with shanks will take on guards with tasers and shotguns... unfair fight, for sure, but there's still a chance you might be able to take down a guard or two with other prisoners' help.

That said, Prison Life V2.0 can be a pretty fun game, especially if everyone role-played properly. If not, you should be prepared to get killed by a bored guard just because he can... or you could simply play as a guard instead.

Official Description

The broken car spawning glitch has been fixed! Old servers may still experience this glitch however, so car spawners may be glitched in some versions. Also fixed the hole behind the prison.

Prison Life v2.0 has finally arrived! Thank you all for waiting, and hope you have fun with the new update!

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