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Murder Mystery 2

Developed by Nikilis
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Game Features

Game Genre - Horror
Created on January 19, 2014
Played 220,151,217 times.
Favored by 972,888 players.
Thumbs up by 367,011 players.
Thumbs down by 30,795 players.

Game Review

Murder Mystery 2 is a game that's based on a childhood game of a similar name. In this game, players will be assigned into 1 of 3 roles – the murderer, the sheriff and the innocents. Naturally, there will only be 1 sheriff and 1 murderer, both of which will have weapons that they can use. The sheriff will have a pistol while the murderer will have a knife.

The chances of you getting the innocent role though is fairly high, but playing multiple rounds as an innocent can get pretty boring fast, despite the fact that you can usually earn a ton of XP and collect plenty of coins if you're careful. Thus, for every round you play as an innocent, you'll have an increased chance of landing the murderer role in the next round. This is actually a pretty neat way for players to "earn" a chance in getting a special role while making sure they keep playing the game.

However, before you can get into a game, you'll first need to choose a game mode. There are only 2 game modes – Casual mode where you can play in third person, allowing you the leeway of peering around corners before moving in that direction; and hardcore in which characters are more carefully disguised and that you can only play it in first person. In Casual, players are also allowed to bring along "distractions" such as a radio, pets and toys, but this is not the case for hardcore mode. Don't worry too much about your choice here since you can easily switch between modes while waiting for a new game to load. You could also switch over to spectate an ongoing game if you like.

Once the game begins, the murderer will then need to seek out vulnerable players to "murder" them. For the murderer to win, you'll need to kill all players in the game. However, doing this is easier said than done since some players know how to hide pretty well and some sheriffs are really good at catching you. Hence, if you aim to survive as a murderer, you'll need to be as subtle as you can be to avoid catching the attention of the sheriff. Even if you've spotted the sheriff and have murdered him or her, there's still a chance an innocent may grab the sheriff's gun and hunt you down. So, it's always best to be vigilant no matter which role you play.

How can you be vigilant? Well, in Murder Mystery 2, sounds play a pretty vital role for every player's survival. As an innocent, it's in your best interest to listen really closely for the sound of a slashing knife. If it's too close to the place you're hiding in... move! For a murderer though, it's in your best interest to listen for the sound of coins being collected. This signals that a player is somewhere nearby.

Of course, it is also important to always keep an ear out for the sounds of footsteps. You never know whether the player who has just entered the room you're in is the murderer (or in the case of playing the murderer, a sheriff) or not. Keep an eye on the chat box as well. Sometimes, players who have spotted the killer might warn other players there. Of course, whether it's the truth or not, that's up to you to decide.

Not to mention, the game offers a ton of intriguing maps for you to play this game in. Different maps will have different niches and hiding spots for you to find, and some maps can be pretty tough for a murderer to kill in due to the larger amounts of open spaces.

Love Murder Mystery 2? Well, you might want to consider getting yourself some premium weapons via the crates sold in the game's shop. There are plenty of nice skins for you to get and even a radio which allows you to play music to your friends in the game too. If you want something more, you could get an Elite account instead. By being an "Elite", you will earn more XP and have more starting coins; have early access to new weapons or skin crates, Elite name tag, and other exclusive goodies.

Official Description

1. Search JD ROBLOX on YouTube
2. Watch the featured video on their channel to find out how to get the FREE knife!

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