1. Roblox Swimming Pool '08 ~ [[Redux]] - Profile Picture

1. Roblox Swimming Pool '08 ~ [[Redux]]

Developed by PRG

Game Features

Game Genre - All
Created on February 15, 2008
Played 755,112 times.
Favored by 35,627 players.
Thumbs up by 189 players.
Thumbs down by 253 players.

Official Description

Instructions on how to use the swimming tool are in the black bar on the bottom of your screen and the bricks on the floor names "Item Tutorial". Camera tool actually helps your swimming to prevent your view from becomming blocked by walls. Starman gave me the swim tool, NintendoZACHERY gave me the invisibility tool, CSX and Pheedy gave me help and support. Forum thread: http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=7088162
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