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The Undead Coming v1.3

Developed by Stealth Pilot

Game Features

Game Genre - All
Created on September 4, 2007
Played 220,346 times.
Favored by 12,529 players.
Thumbs up by 97 players.
Thumbs down by 18 players.

Official Description

GUIDE (thanks mrbiff): NEW: Humans now die while outside too long. KamiZombies have been altered to have a larger explosion radius upon death! Zombies have unearthed in a small forest surrounding an abandoned house. Humans must survive randomly selected player Zombies within 15 minutes to win! If you die, you will automatically switch to the Zombie team. If you become a zombie, chat "/fastzombie" to change to that class of zombie if it is unlocked in the current match. Chat "/kamizombie" to change to the last class of zombie once it gets unlocked in the game. Fast Zombies get unlocked after 5 minutes into the match, and Kamikaze Zombies get unlocked 10 minutes into the match! If you wish to switch back to a normal zombie, just chat "/zombie".
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