The 2017 Roblox Egg Hunt Game

Collect all 40 eggs in this year's exciting egg hunt game and stand a chance to find the legendary FabergEgg!

2017 roblox egg hunt preview

It's that time of the year again when the massive Roblox Egg Hunt commences!
Starting from today until April 17th, you and your friends can get your packs ready and set off on an exciting egg-hunting journey in Roblox's custom-made Egg Hunt game, Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs. With 40 different eggs to collect, you'll definitely have a fun time with your friends as you race around while peeking behind every object and corner in hopes of finding an egg.

Each egg you collect will get you a new hat in Roblox, but if you really want the special stuff, you'll need to collect all 40 eggs. Once you have them, you can then get access to a special, and probably super-secret location where you can try to find the legendary FabergEgg.

The FabergEgg Story Long ago, a divine being descended upon the Eggverse. With the almighty power of the FabergEgg, he granted its citizens ten thousand years of peace and prosperity. Since then, the FabergEgg—sealed away to protect it from evildoers—has been kept safe from harm…until now.

Dr. Deville d'Egg has had his sights set on the FabergEgg since he first heard the tales of its mystical abilities. After hatching his nefarious plan, he snuck into the heart of the Eggverse and stole the ancient relic! Left in the wrong hands, the FabergEgg could bring unimaginable destruction to the Eggverse…

2017 roblox egg hunt game

As fate would have it, guardians from all over Roblox are now on a quest to defeat the maniacal Dr. Deville d'Egg. Now, it's up to you to save the Eggverse by collecting at least 40 eggs to find the FabergEgg and put an end to Dr. Deville d'Egg's evil plans!

To help you along, the Roblox team has also added 2 more extra eggs, namely the Developer and the Roblox Eggs, which you can earn by completing bonus missions. To get the Developer Egg, you'll need to solve a challenging puzzle spanning across multiple realms. However, to get the Roblox Egg, you'll need to log into the Egg Hunt game when the Roblox admins are in the game joining in all the fun.

So, don't miss out on all the fun this eggtastic event will definitely provide and set off now to collect all 40 eggs while foiling the evil Dr Deville d'Egg's nefarious plans in Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs!

Roblox Egg Hunt Game Trailer

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