How to Escape from Redwood Prison

With this guide, escaping from Redwood Prison won't be as difficult as it seems!
Have you woken up to find yourself trapped in Redwood Prison? Well, that's pretty unlikely to happen unless you've knowingly clicked the Play button on one of Roblox's most popular prison escape games, Redwood Prison!

Redwood Prison is a pretty huge prison complex and obviously, it can be quite challenging for you to search for an escape route without triggering the physical alarm bells in the prison or the bells in the guards' minds. After all, they are there to make sure you follow the rules and stick to the incredibly rigid prison schedule.

However, spoilers aside, we are here to become the Michael Scofield to your Lincoln Burrows (Prison Break reference, anyone?) and help you break out of Redwood Prison.

Doing Trenton a Favor

First, you will need to find a disheveled looking Trenton at cell block J and talk to him. If you ask him to help you, he will ask you for a favor, that is to find his missing guitar. He will also give you a hint that the guitar is in the courtyard.

Now, all you need to do is to wait until you are allowed in the courtyard - take note of the announcement so you wouldn't be caught snooping around places you aren't supposed to be at - and head over there and start looking! To make things easier for you, well... you can find the guitar near some plants right next to the building where all the police cars are parked. The building itself can be found near the entrance of the prison.

After grabbing the guitar, be sure to keep your head down and stay alive. If you die, you will lose it and will have to retrieve the guitar all over again.

Getting into the Vent and to The Roof

Once you reached Trenton, he will pass you a hammer. Don't use it just yet though! Walk and jump your way to the vent near Trenton, sidle right up to it, make sure there are no police around, then use the hammer on the vent. The instant the vent becomes transparent-looking, run right through and don't look back! Of course, you may want to bring along as many of the other prisoners as you can. Follow the vent to a ladder of sorts which will eventually lead you to the roof of the main prison complex.

The Escape

Now that you are on the roof, you have multiple options. You can jump into the area of the prison where the guards keep their prized helicopter, hijack it and pilot your way to freedom; or you could jump into a pretty isolated part of the courtyard, climb up the ladder to the prison walls and hop right over it.

Regardless of your decision though, you need to make it fast because being on the roof for too long is probably not a very good idea since you are pretty much exposed. Remember! If you are killed or arrested here, you will lose your hammer and will have to redo the whole Trenton quest again.

You Are Outside the Prison... Now What?

Now that you are outside the prison, you'll need to carefully make your way to the nearby town of Walwoth. Take note that you are still a prisoner at this point and if you happen to be arrested or killed, you'll be spawned back in prison.

Once you're there, don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet! Make your way to the tent in the middle of town and step on one of the yellow plates. These will change your status from being a prisoner to a fugitive, allowing you to be respawn in town whenever you are killed. There is also a table filled will various tools and weapons that you can grab for free, so don't be shy and take whatever you need. You can grab a Fake ID card by heading over to the red house on the right as well.

That's about it! There are plenty more ways you can escape from Redwood Prison, but most of those methods rely on your guards being negligent to the extreme. The method suggested in this article is probably your safest bet.

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