Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs

Oh no! The legendary FabergEgg has been stolen by the despicable Dr Deville d'Egg. He plans to use its infinite power to wreak utter havoc across all the realms in Eggverse and only you can help fix this wrong. It's up to you to collect all 40 Eggs that are spread across the lands just so you can locate the m mysterious Faberg Egg and foil Dr Deville's nefarious schemes. Do you have what it takes to succeed?
To celebrate this year's Easter holidays, The Elite Builders of Robloxia has come up with an epic egg hunt, entitled Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs. In this game, players will need to travel to various locations and biomes - there are 7 in total - in the Eggverse, ranging from the hot and dry Timeless Desert to the watery depths of the Abyssal Plain, to retrieve as many eggs as they can. Each location can be accessed via a portal near to each zone's spawning ground. Simply pick a zone you want to go to and hop right through the portal!

Unlike traditional egg hunts where eggs are just very cleverly hidden, in Egg Hunt 2017, you'll actually be required to solve puzzles, complete mazes and even fight tough creatures just to add another egg into your collection. For instance, in Stratosphere Outpost, you are required to pilot an airplane through each checkpoint in a race circuit within the time limit given to get the Lost in Transit egg, while in Timeless Desert, you'll need to trap a mummy within a ring of fire to get the Mummy Egg.

How can you know there's an egg for you to earn though? Well, most of these eggs can be found or located via hints given out by NPCs stationed all around a zone. However, sometimes, it takes a certain awareness towards hints, like the hints given for the Humpty Dumpty Egg, or a certain understanding how a structure works, such as waiting for a thunderstorm to get the Tesla Egg from the tesla tower in World of Tomorrow. There's even a pretty frustrating maze in the Timeless Desert where player's maze-running and platform-jumping skills are put to the test.

As if these single-player puzzles aren't challenging enough for you to solve, some eggs can only be earned if you work together with your fellow egg hunters. For example, in the Northern Antarctica, you'll need to get the help of another player to sound the horn on the wrecked ship to cause an avalanche while you wait at the avalanche site for the Avalanche Egg to tumble down. There are even some super-special puzzles, where you'll need more than 2 players - well... you'll actually need 4 players all working together - to open the sealed door and unveil the egg.

The game's graphics are nothing short of astonishing. Each map is incredibly well-designed, though there are some glitches (they can be advantageous or disadvantageous) from time to time. Everything from the dialogue, the storyline, the interactive objects to the soundtracks are done perfectly in this game. Considering the feat of the project, you'll never see a more well-designed game than Egg Hunt 2017!

So, come and join the tens of thousands of Robloxians in Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs in celebration of the upcoming Easter holidays. Will you be able to find all the 40 eggs and eventually recover the fabled FabergEgg from Dr Deville d'Egg?

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